The world has been begging for feminine leadership so why the hell are women not stepping up?

It’s simply! We’re trying to stand out by fitting in. Yes, it’s as dicky as it sounds.

We’re still pandering to the stereotypes of how we should look, speak and act. We’re following the dream the way it’s been prescribed not in our own unique feminine way.

Well that shit stops here!

The Red Hot Truth helps you succeed by becoming more of who you are, to highlight your differences and add value to the world by living your Red Hot Truth.

We break the rules, challenge stereotypes and support you to show up in the world as your Red Hot Self.




Petra Williams




A Women On Fire (do I hear an Amen sista!), entrepreneur, rockstar (on the inside), philanthropist and unshakable optimist dedicated to helping you Live Your Red Hot Truth.

From a young age, I didn’t fit into society’s boxes. I looked and behaved differently and society didn’t like it so it tried to make me conform. Bullies taunted me at school and at home. Workplaces labelled me. Eventually the fear of being myself crippled me. This continued well into my mid thirties until one day I decided to take back my life.

After years of seeking, taking one step forward and three steps back, I finally broke through the veil of darkness to re-discover me.

And you know what, I rock! And so do you! 

It can be a hard and long journey so I want to make it easy for you by bringing you practical methods to implement to return to your true self. I also want to provide you with the support of the community I’m building. Going it alone is tough.

Most importantly, by being true to myself, I’m allowing you to be true to yourself.

And imagine how amazing the world would be if we gave this gift to every single woman alive.

 We were born to live a good life.

 Let’s not tolerate anything else! 

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