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A Permanent Solution to Chronic Insomnia


This interview is specifically talking to the Sistas experiencing chronic sleeplessness who feel like a cardboard copy of themselves. We know that you are often misunderstood because unless one has experienced Insomnia, is difficult to comprehend the torturous effects it has on your life.

We know that even though you’re not suicidal, your quality of life is so poor that it would be okay with you not to wake up again if you could just fall asleep. Please have hope in knowing there is a solution.

In this interview, Sleep Expert Elina Winnel shares how years of insomnia eventually drove her to quit her job to go travelling searching for answers that she wasn’t finding in the West.

Combining many modalities, she not only reclaimed her sleep but also created a whole new life for herself.

With her Sleep System she helps people with chronic insomnia reclaim their sleep and their life. And today, she is here to help you.

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