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Are You Stuck in the Healer's Paradigm?

Hey Truth Sista!

Are you stuck in the low energy paradigm that says, 'I can't get paid for my spiritual gifts, I should be giving my energy for free, I should be healing everyone and putting myself on the back burner'?

If you're a healer or a coach, you've probably been there a thousand times. As The Red Hot Truth Millionaire Woman Elizabeth Pfeiffer explains in her masterclass, shifting the low energy does not work.

You have to do the mindset work to break free from this thinking because the mind creates the energy.

Here's how Elizabeth Pfeiffer went from being broke to becoming rich by building a successful healing business.

To see the full masterclass, sign up to the Show Me The Money Challenge. https://www.theredhottruth.com/

Your time is now!

Big Hugs and Sloppy Kisses

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