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Attract More Joy into Your Life

Man living your Red Hot Truth in a world that tells you to tow the line, can be rough at times. Standing out in your truth often leads to criticism, isolation, and backlash mostly from your so called nearest and dearest.

Trust me SIstas, I've been there and there's been many times when I've looked in the mirror, wallowing in my own suffering desperate to belong. Many times I've wanted to flush my Red Hot Truth down the toilet, to a disgusting and smelly place I wouldn't dare try to find it. But then I'd bitch slap myself and snap out of my self pity spiral.

The guest on today's Red Hot Truth Show, Yulia Hartanto, avoided facing her Red Hot Truth until she went bankrupt, ended her marriage and lost face in the eyes of her family. Fear, stress, and shame pulled her into a downward spiral.

But instead of letting these circumstances dampen her spirits, she stripped naked (emotionally - and maybe physically, let me not be presumptuous) and took back control of her life.She transformed those negative thoughts into positive fuel to become a Super Attractor.

Her 7 step method that she used to reclaim her life is straightforward and easy to implement. It’s a practical roadmap out of negativity and into joy.

Even when it seems like things aren’t going your way, you can still use the law of attraction to manifest your dreams.

Sure, you may not see results on your timeline or in the exact way you imagined, but that doesn’t mean you have to suffer during the process. If you want to feel good and create the life of your dreams, this is the episode to watch.

Contact Yuliana for her 7 step method here.

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