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Branding Your Red Hot Truth - Patrice Douglas

Hey Truth Sista

Imagine your brand was the exact representation of your Red Hot Truth that it attracted the exact clients you wanted to work with and gave you (and your clients) the life of love, joy and abundance you wanted.

Is this even possible?

Not in the traditional sense of branding but with the fierce, feminine way Patrice Douglas does it.

Patrice understands that your brand is how you show up in the world and how you attract the clients and life you want. To create this kind of brand, she helps you unpeel the layers and get crystal clear on your Red Hot Truth.

To support you in obtaining clarity around branding your Red Hot Truth, Patrice has a brand party of hypnotherapists, naturopaths, massage therapists etc to help you connect back in with your true, fierce, feminine self.

Sound delicious?

Patrice Douglas is a brand strategist with a difference. Her experience comes from working as the Creative Director of big brands like Vogue, Virgin and Spotify.

After her partner almost died in an accident just over a year ago, she reassessed her life and released that her passion was to help women live their Red Hot Truth and thrive through branding. Since then she’s helped female business owners become wildly wealthy (from the inside out), lit up and nourished.

In this Red Hot Truth interview we cover:

  • Why traditional branding doesn’t work for coaches

  • Designing your brand from your authentic Red Hot Truth

  • Practical things to do to start finding your Red Hot Truth and your brand

  • Money, money, money

  • How to find your point of difference

  • How to actually live your brand

  • Getting back to your Divine Feminine

If you’re ready to transition from your job into your business full time or are ready to attract clients that really let you do your best work, this interview is for you.

Join Patrice at her Brand Party on her website and on Facebook.

As always Truth Sistas, get your notepad and choose one thing to implement into your life that will help you live your Red Hot Truth courageously and facilitate those you serve to do the same.

Your time is now!

Big Hugs and Sloppy Kisses

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