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Digital Marketing - Lynan Saperstein

Updated: May 14

Hey Truth Sista

You know what you're offering the world rocks and you know that it works. So how do you get the women you want to serve to know that?

Marketing is the core part of any business and it can be an absolute mind field. So many different options, which one do you use?

In this Red Hot Truth interview, I talk to Lynan Saperstein. She uses her digital marketing company to fill venues globally with transformational events, she co-founded the Society of Women Entrepreneurs, a large community of business women, and she lives a 'location-free' lifestyle (travels the world while running her business).

In this interview, I really focused on what you needed. I reflected on the greatest challenges I faced running a coaching practice and asked Lynan to speak specifically to those.

Many of us struggle to find our tribe and I asked Lynan the Red Hot Truth about finding a community where women fully support each other in business and in friendship.

Lynan fills retreats and events globally with transformational events. I dug deep into the Red Hot Truth on how you can fill your coaching events.

And lastly, because my desire is to get paid to travel the world to speak to inspire, I asked Lynan the Red Hot Truth about managing a business while travelling and if it's as glorious as all the ads suggest it is.

Yes that's right Sista, this interview is full of Sexy, Red Hot Truths from a woman coach who's actually doing it successfully. Get that pen and paper out, learn and implement these Red Hot Truths. You clients are waiting for you.

Contact Lynan on the website.

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Big Hugs and Sloppy Kisses

Big Hugs and Sloppy Kisses