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Embracing Diversity - Jen Bricker Bauer

Updated: Jun 23

Hey Truth Sista

When was the last time you felt sorry for yourself because you were experiencing some adversity? For me it was probably this morning.

What was your excuse?

No money, no time, wrong look, wrong place, wrong economy, your past, your parents, responsibilities, the virus, not knowing your purpose, too old, too young, under/over qualified, no contacts, bad childhood, failed business??? (I could write a book on the excuses I've used).

Well what about being abandoned in the hospital at birth, without a name because you were born with no legs? How would you respond then?

Jen Bricker Bauer embraced that adversity with determination and strength. With the love and support of her adopted family and her community, she flew high above adversity to discover her Red Hot Truth through experimentation and persistence.

Jen is one of the top American acrobats and aerialist in the world starting her illustrious career by being the featured performer on Brittany Spears Circle Tour in 2009. Did I mention she has no legs?

In this inspirational Red Hot Truth interview, I really dig deep to find Jen’s Red Hot Truth so that we can learn from her mindset and spiritual philosophies. You see, I've realised that its not what the person has done that's important, it's who they are and how they've done it that are the greatest teachers.

Jen shares her incredible life story in her book, Everything Is Possible: Finding the Faith and Courage to Follow Your Dreams

You can also contact Jen on her website.

As always, please choose one of Jen’s Red Hot Truths and implement it into your own life to find your purpose, live your truth and inspire the world with your gifts.

Your Time in Now!

Big hugs and sloppy kisses

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