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Feminine Leadership - Kirsten Stendevad

Updated: Jun 30

If you've been involved in the feminist movement for a while like I have, you'll have heard requests for women to get a seat at the table, for equal rights and opportunities. And even though these things have happened, things have no changed.

And here's why...

As our Red Hot Truth guest Kirsten Stendevad shares in this Truth Sunday interview, equality is not the answer. And she knows because she lives in Denmark, a country renowned for it's gender equal opportunities policies.

What she experienced as a ambitious woman on her way to the top, was the opportunities may have been equal but the opportunity was who can be a better man.

I've always said that it's pointless asking the old system to change to make room for us women. Thousands (yep thousands) of years ago the system was specifically designed to favour a select few in society and everything (EVERYTHING) from education, media, marketing, language, economics, medicine, childrearing, dress codes, TV, politics, law, power...is set up to support that system.

Why waste time, energy and resources on changing the oldest dog in the world (who we can teach new tricks to anyway)? How about we spend the time, energy and resources building a new system embracing diversity, celebrating difference, caring for Mother Earth, and living consciously?

Social change starts with the individual so it's up to every single one of us to take responsibility to show up fully in our Red Hot Truth.

But before we can embrace feminine leadership, we need to firstly clearly define what it is for us and then remove the shame and disgust surrounding it. Our programming runs deep.

In this Red Hot Truth interview, Kirsten shares how she faced this very challenge and went on a search for the Divine Feminine. Through her Goddess School, she brought women together to learn from each other and build successful businesses using feminine leadership.

Now 20 years later, she works with ambitious, high flying business women to embrace their feminine and live a life that is congruent with their Red Hot Truth.

Kirsten has gifted us Truth Sistas an incredible 10 part series on The Feminine Future. Watch it here. Also watch out for her comprehensive book coming out early 2021.

The world is ready for you now fierce, feminine goddess. Take the reigns, join The Sisterhood and be the change you want to see,


Big Hugs and Sloppy Kisses

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