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Friendship for Lifelong Health and Happiness - Beck & Sandra

Hey Truth Sista

Yesterday while walking the dogs, an older woman engaged me in conversation. What started as small talk landed up with her confessing that she was turning 72 today and that she had no-one to celebrate with.

Crying she revealed that she had no-one to support her through tragic life events. Miscarriages, divorce, illness still affected her now even though they happened decades ago.

And it's then that I realised how closely self worth and friendship are related.

Many of us miss deep and meaningful friendships. Even though our busyness masks the yearning, the Red Hot Truth is that we are far more disconnected from intimacy than we want to be.

We’re fine, we tell ourselves. We know people we could call. We talk to people every day, sometimes all day long! Our friends really would be there for us if we needed them. In fact, we’re actually too busy to stay in touch more than we do now, right?

We already feel guilty for not being better friends, parents, daughters, and partners. Truthfully, we have so many responsibilities that we really don’t even have the time or energy to do much more than we’re already doing.

In fact, if given the choice between a quiet night in the bathtub with a favorite magazine versus an evening of going out, we’d prefer that quiet night— so doesn’t that prove we’re not lonely?

Put simply: we are so resistant to the possibility that we feel lonely we can talk ourselves out of any hint of the truth. Indeed, many of us aren’t lonely because we don’t know people; we’re lonely because the vast majority of those relationships lack the depth and ease and intimacy that we crave.

It’s not that we need to meet new people, it’s that we need to know how to go deeper with the people we already know. And this takes courage, to be emotionally available, secure in one's own Red Hot Truth so that we can accept our friends fully in their truth.

So how do we do that again?

Here long time friends Beck and Sandra share The Red Hot Truth of how they've made their friendship last with all the challenges of marriage, kids, moving to different places, building careers and making major life changes.

As always Truth Sistas, get your notepad and choose one thing to implement into your life that will help you live your Red Hot Truth courageously and facilitate those you serve to do the same.

Your time is now!

Big Hugs and Sloppy Kisses

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