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Have You had Alien Contact? - Mary Rodwell

Updated: May 22

As a teenager, I was hooked on the program X-Files. Mulder was super spunky and the idea that extra-terrestrial beings existed rocked my world. From a young age, I felt that we could not possibly be the only species in this vast galaxy (and there could be more galaxies for all we know). I desperately wanted to experience an abduction, lying in the garden for hours waiting. My mother always joked that they'd bring me back immediately and would even pay her to take me back because I never stopped talking. Personally I think she jinxed me. In this interview with Australia’s leading researcher and writer in the UFO and contact phenomenon areas, Mary Rodwell discusses the ET experiences of the people she has counselled, explains what ETs are here to do and what 'A New Human' is.

Mary really wants anyone 'out there' who is experiencing ET phenomenon to know they are not alone and to reach out to her. Contact Mary Rodwell on her website.

Big Hugs and Sloppy Kisses

Big Hugs and Sloppy Kisses