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How to Become a Money Magnet

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Elizabeth Pfeiffer expresses such joy at swiping her credit card and spending the money, even when it's over her budget. She has such an absolute knowing that the money will return, that spending excites her. Do you feel like this about spending your money?

I wasn't. I felt anxious with the constant fear of there not being enough.

Every time I swipped my card, I'd quickly check the bank account to see how much I had to live on. Spending money was scary because I didn't know when I would be getting more in.

This was an awful and restrictive way of living. In this masterclass, The Red Hot Truth 'Show Me the Money' Challenge Millionaire Woman Elizabeth Pfeiffer shares how she went from borrowing $5 from a stranger to pay for her groceries to becoming financially free, choosing when and with whom she wants to work.

To see the full masterclass, join the Show Me The Money Challenge today - www.theredhottruth.com.

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