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IT'S NOT ALL ABOUT THE MONEY - The biggest lie women have been sold.

Hey Truth Sista!

Have you ever heard yourself, friends and colleagues say, 'It's not about the money?' Isn't it?

Who told you that lie?

  • The men with money rule the banks whose dishonesty caused the global financial crisis of 2008.

  • The men with money rule data that they sell to swing votes unlawfully putting people like Trump in power.

  • The men with money run big corporations that rape the earth causing global warming.

  • The men with money claims their wives and daughter's freedom and make them slaves.

So tell me again how it's not about the money?

On the flip side...

  • Women with money educate women and girls around the world. Women with money make ethical and sustainable products.

  • Women with money fund campaigns ending discrimination against women and girls.

  • Women with money build a sisterhood that helps women shine.

  • Women with money are fierce feminine warriors employing other women and spreading the wealth.

Which side are you on?

Shameca Tankerson explains in an exclusive interview with The Red Hot Truth Show Me The Money Challenge, to give Rise to the Feminine and to put money in the hands of good people, we first need to have lots of it.

Are you ready to learn The Red Hot Truth about money and to step fully into the abundance of the world?

Are you ready to be unapologetic about wanting to be rich?

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Your time is now!

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