• The Red Hot Truth - Petra Williams

Let's Raise Our Voices

Hey Truth Sista

It's time to get Badass, do the work to heal and live your Red Hot Truth.

You’ve probably charted the life you want, right? Have you written out your goals, timelines, dream clients, etc etc etc?


It's time to rework all of your expectations and how you’re going to achieve them. Many times, the “thing” that holds us back from finding the success we want is mired in language that is not our own.

Who wrote the description of your aspirations?

We don’t need to find success based on somebody else’s metrics because they’ve never seen anyone like YOU before. It's time to rewrite your expectations in your voice.

Rewrite your personal narrative and find your true voice to DEMAND THE BEST FOR YOURSELF.


Here's how my Truth Sista Bozoma Saint John says how to do it.

1. Promote yourself using 'I'

As women, we live under the proverbial we. We're told there's no 'I' in team and that we need to keep our head down, do the work and hope to be noticed. Well that shit stops now. Own your accomplishments and promote them boldly. The Red Hot Truth is that you worked to get your clients results, to build a 6-7 figure business and to be a sort after speaker. Be proud. Say it with me, 'I did that!'

2. Build an inner circle to promote your work

Research shows that when someone else sings your praises, it'll be heard the loudest. So get 3 of your truest friends, colleagues or business connections, discuss your accomplishments and what you need for projects that you're working on. Then like the best sales people in the world, you work that into every conversation you have. It's essential that you mention their name and accomplishment in every conversation, and they do the same for you. You'll be amazed how the whispers turn to recommendations. and the work you want.

3. Strategically choose your crowd

Hey if you're out there singing your praises and your audience 'ain't interested' and appreciating you, find a different audience. Whether that's friends, jobs, clients, family, if they don't appreciate your contribution, find yourself an audience that will. And do it strategically. Pay attention to who's paying you attention and start the negotiating your move. You deserve the best because you are the best.

And if this scares the shit out of you, fantastic because now you know you're playing the game of life. It'll take work and practice, and has a guaranteed reward of a full, zestful, rich life.

Your time is now!

Big Hugs and Sloppy Kisses

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