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Passionate Intimacy - Hayley Wilson

Hey Truth Sista

What is intimacy to you and in your marriage?

According to the porn industry and raunchy movie sex scenes, intimacy is wild, long lasting, loud, and full of white come (ejaculated organism fluid) sex.

But according to romantic novels, it's deep, intense, romantic love making. Hours of him stoking your hair, fondly your firm young breasts and pleasuring you with deep meaningful thrusts.

Have you ever asked yourself what intimacy means to you and how you can experience that with your partner? This is really important because both of the above suggestions of what intimacy is sets us women up to fail (or maybe you're still screaming the neighbourhood down, who knows).

I was particularly interested in the Red Hot Truth about intimacy because I wanted to bring it back into my 14 year marriage. I love the husband and he is my bestie, but admittedly the relationship was lacking intimacy.

What was most concerning to me is that I had lost the intimate passionate relationship I had with myself. I no longer felt sexy and certainly didn't exude any sex appeal. Honestly when I strange man shows me any interest, I'd immediately think I had something up my nose or in my teeth.

Intimacy with self is such a beautifully feminine trait and I wanted to reconnect with it so I could share it with the husband in our marital bed. I heard this echoed in the sisterhood.

So in this week's Red Hot Truth interview, I talk to Hayley Wilson on how she reconnected with her intimacy and brought that into her marriage. Like so many of us women, Hayley had to first look deep inside herself to heal past hurts to find her Red Hot Truth.

And then she had to find the courage to bring her full intimate self back into her marriage, risking rejection from her husband whom she had denied intimacy for years.

This Red Hot Truth interview will take you on a emotional rollercoster. One thing I can guarantee, if you feel cold at the start of this interview, you are going to feel hot by the end.

In this interview we cover:

  • post natal depression

  • dancing with courage

  • hitting rock bottom and then sinking just a little bit deeper

  • creating a vision for yourself

  • the benefits of being selfish

  • the cost of prioritizing business over family

  • how the husband dealt with her changing

  • spicing up the intimate relationship

  • giving your partner permission to love you

  • being desired by other men

  • taking responsibility for your own sexuality and sensuality

Quotes from the interview:

  • if it's meant to be it's up to me

  • intimacy: into me I see

As always Truth Sistas, get your notepad and choose one thing to implement into your life that will help you live your Red Hot Truth courageously and facilitate those you serve to do the same.

Your time is now!

Big Hugs and Sloppy Kisses

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