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Updated: May 22

Is this you?

Coaching has helped you through a significant time in your life and now you want to help others.

You've been swept up by the romanticism of owning a coaching business and spend hours on your website, social media posts, networking events and publicity.

And now a few months or years in, the clients are few and far between, there's little to no money coming in and your passion for coaching is dwindling.

Sound familiar?

Well this was me when I was running my own coaching practice. I spent hours on building the website and social media posts, .I had no strategy, no idea who I was talking to and what my message was to them.

Eventually that business failed and I want to help you not make the same mistake.

The greatest challenge for women coaches is standing out. Most coaches are regurgitating the same message that they disappear. And even when they do get publicity, they don't convert it to sales. missing out on the multi billion dollar industry.

It's not that there's not enough strategies out there on how to get and convert effective PR. It's deeper than that.

To build a personal brand, you have to been seen. You have to own your Red Hot Truth and publicly live it. You have to own your voice and take responsibility for your message. You have to forge your own Red Hot Truthful path and lead your clients down it.

You have to be more you and highlight your difference. And most female coaches still suffer from the disease to please, afraid of rejection.

To workshop how to overcome these issues for female coaches and create PR content that converts to sales, this week's Red Hot Truth interview is with my friend Lyndsey Douglas.

She's an absolute genius in Public Relations and has changed the public image of many big companies.

We discuss specifically where coaches go wrong with PR and building their personal brand. Lyndsey runs me through an exercise she uses with her clients to identify their Red Hot Unique Voice. And we discuss the issues women coaches have around being seen, showing up as themselves and owning their true value.

To book a 90 minute session with Lyndsey Douglas, contact by e-mailL using the subject line, the Red Hot Truth 90 Minute Session -lyndsey@lyndseydouglas.com.

Big Hugs and Sloppy Kisses

Big Hugs and Sloppy Kisses