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Show Your Light to the World

Like a diet, it's easy to put off living and speaking your Red Hot Truth.

So what if I feel invisible and don't speak my truth? I'd prefer to avoid conflict and things are going okay.

That's easy to think when you have the right to speak up and choose not too. 

But what happens when you come from a culture where you have no right to speak your Red Hot Truth? Even worse, what happens when you live in a culture that punishes you for speaking your Red Hot Truth?

Fizza Kashif Khan came to Australia with her husband and child from Pakistan in hope of a new life. But circumstances in her life left her with hope and resulted in her attempting suicide.

We spoke specifically to South Asian women in this interview because they can relate strongly to Fizza'a story and need to know that there is hope.

This interview is specially relevant to you to remind you that it's a privilege to speak your truth and live in a free country that allows us women to control our own world.

As Fizza says:

Please don't be scared to be visible Stop being invisible Because this is your time now. To show the world your uniqueness Your Power Your worth Because you are beautiful And don't worry you are not alone

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The way you attract wealth (abundance in all areas) is to know your Red Hot Truth and believe in your worth. 

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Contact Fizza: https://www.facebook.com/fiizza.k.khan

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