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Spice Up Your Relationship - Beck Thompson

Warning if sex and eroticism offends you, this is not the interview for you.

When the husband and I got together, I felt hot, sexy, sensual, alive. We really fitted well together. We knew it and others could clearly see it. Two Libras on the cloud of love that we felt would never deflate.

Now 14 years later, I don't feel that way anymore. And because I don't feel that sense of sensual, sexual aliveness anymore, the relationship feels bland. It's not the husband. He still humps my leg and thinks I'm gorgeous, it's me. I have no interest in sex, get annoyed when he gets frisky and just generally feel blaaah as a women.

It's been bothering me for a while but it was really only when I started listening to the phenomenal psychologist Esther Perel that I felt an urgency to do something about it.

So as I do, I went on a hunt for long term couples who still feel that spunkiness for each other. It took some time but I found two amazing women, both incredibly different with vast different experiences, yet the result was the same: re-igniting the spark in the marriage.

Today's interview is with Beck Thompson who's been with her husband for over 19 years and has recently given birth to Flynn after a long process of IVF. With no agenda or preconceived idea of where this interview was to go, we explore all elements of what we're both going through with our marriages.

We both want you to know that there is no shame in anything relating to love and encourage you to feel your truth and to express it freely. The only way to live a fulfilled life is with an open heart.

Now I know you feel inspired to work on getting some loving back into your relationship. Beck and I would love to hear the one thing you're going to implement and how it went.

Contact Beck on her website and on her Facebook. Be sure to ask her about her new program to help couples like you re-ignite your spark.

Your time is now!


Petra Williams