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Conscious Awakening - Alison Callan

Updated: May 13

Hey Truth Sista

As a female coach, are you telling your clients that they can create anything they want and that they have everything they need inside them? But are YOU practising that same philosophy and consciously creating the business and life that excites you?

One of the biggest obstacles to your success as a female coach is that you don't have clarity around your offering or your Red Hot personal brand. This confusion causes you to chase your own tail which is never flattering no matter how cute your tush is.

So how do you find clarity around your Red Hot Truth to build a successful coaching business that lights you up like a fire cracker?

In this Red Hot Truth interview, award winning Success and Clarity Coach (aka Business Coach) Alison Callan shares how her conscious awakening finally made her accept and fully immerse herself into her Red Hot Truth and build a conscious coaching business.

She now wakes up every morning to a business that gives her more than money. It brings her joy.

In this Red Hot Truth interview, we discuss:

* Who Alison had to become to create an award-winning coaching business

* How you need to know your Red Hot Truth to build a conscious coaching business that lights your fire.

* How to grow your business exponentially by delving into your Red Hot Truth and living by example.

* The steps Alison took to build a conscious award winning coaching business.

* Awards and their impact on you and your business.

* Delivering programs clients genuinely want and will pay you for.

* How to use feminine leadership to make you comparable.

* The Red Hot life philosophy that'll bring you clarity, success and happiness.

Out of all the wonderful guests I've interviewed for The Red Hot Truth, Alison demonstrated most clearly to me what it looks like to be in your feminine, how to design a business around your Red Hot Truth and how to be in love with serving your clients.

She shone so brightly throughout the whole interview that I wished I had worn sunscreen. Listen carefully to her Red Hot Truth and feel her joy and love.

Once again, get pen and paper, and write down what you're going to implement into your life and business. Knowledge is nothing without practice.

My key take-away was to live life through experience just because it's fun!

Contact Alison on her website.

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Big Hugs and Sloppy Kisses

Big Hugs and Sloppy Kisses