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Stop Living with Regret

Sometimes we just have this idea of how life should be.

And when our current situation doesn’t meet that expectation, we experience regret and remorse which can lead to depression, checking out of life and illness.

What career we should have, how far we should be in life by now, what we should look like.

We carry this burden with us in everything we do and no matter how hard we work to accomplish what we think we should do or have, we never accomplish it creating a vicious circle of despair.

Coach, author and Founder of ‘Reach Your Potential with Tiff’ and ‘The Golf Lady’, Tiffany Mika was destined to be a professional tennis player from a young age but when that dream ended early in her tennis career, she felt like the biggest failure in the world.

She went through the motions of ‘living’, even achieving economic success but her soul was heavy with the burden of regret. Until one day, after a personal development seminar, she realized that she had wasted 25 years living in the past with regret and started the journey of healing.

Now, Tiff coaches young athletes on how to develop relentless belief, unwavering discipline, strive for excellence, have unshakable courage, and focus at any given moment.

In this interview, Tiff shares how you are not what you achieve and how fulfillment is the pre-requisite to winning your life’s game.

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