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The Courage Map – Franziska Iseli

Hey Truth Sista

You know that you're here to live a vibrant and bold life don't you.? To take up the space the universe intended for you and to boldly live your Red Hot Truth.

Are you?I wasn't and agonised over this for years.

What was I doing wrong? I did all the personal development programs, I worked and worked and worked on myself, and still felt like I wasn't creating the life I truly wanted for myself.

Turns out I was missing Courage, the one thing we need to live our Red Hot Truth.

We’re told to live boldly, to fight the fear and act courageously. But other than autobiographies and stories from people who are living boldly, I find there’s very little out there telling us how to do it the feminine way.

I mean honestly, if we had a map and a process on how to learn the skill to live our Red Hot Truth courageously, we’d live boldly wouldn’t we? Well funny that, Franzika Iseli did just that with her book: The Courage Map. In it she outlines 13 principles of learning the skill of courage to live boldly.

After her father's’ sudden death she realised she could be living more boldly. In 10 years, she grown into a conscious human that’s built three international businesses creating a positive impact, making people smile and continues to go on bold adventures to nurture her courage.

In this Red Hot Truth interview, we pour ourselves a glass of wine and laugh our way through her profound wisdom.

In this interview we cover:

  • How to experience fear the feminine way

  • How to live in trust and feel safe enough to act with courage

  • The Fear Prison

  • The essence of knowing your Red Hot Truth to live courageously

  • Questions to ask yourself to show up in your Red Hot Truth

  • Living life in a state of flow

  • The Power of your Story

  • The Power of the Sisterhood

  • Franziska’s Red Hot Truth

  • To download the Courage Map Journal and buy the book, click here.

  • To contact Franziska directly, click here.

As always Truth Sistas, get your notepad and choose one thing to implement into your life that will help you live your Red Hot Truth courageously and facilitate those you serve to do the same.

Your time is now!

Big Hugs and Sloppy Kisses

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