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COVID-19 Truths - Kate Harvey

Updated: May 13

Hey Truth Sista

Walking through the supermarkets amongst the empty selves, I feel like I'm in an apocalyptic movie. It wasn't the same without Brad Pitt.

Is this really happening?

The media could not have asked for a better opportunity to keep you hooked with repeated stories of fear and hysteria.

WE'RE GONNA DIE!!! (dramatic music in the background)

History has proven repeatedly the danger of getting swept up in mass hysteria. And as amusing as hoarding toilet may seem, it demonstrates people's inability and unwillingness to think for themselves and seek out the Red Hot Truth. They're the followers, the swing voters that the people in power rely on.


Now more than ever it's essential for us to seek out the Red Hot Truth, and to lead ourselves, our families and community with femininity and love.

That's why, I speak to scientist Kate Harvey about COVID-19 in this week's Red Hot Truth Interview. Kate is a colleague of mine and completed her PHD in Infectious Diseases.

In this Red Hot Truth interview, I explore aspects of the Corona Virus (COVID-19) with Kate so that you can get a clearer picture of the Red Hot Truth and be responsive instead of reactive.

Links to reputable sites for information and accurate numbers:

World Health Organisation

Australian Government Department of Health


Please e-mail me any questions for Kate about your concerns or comments.

theredhottruth@gmail.com or comment below.

Fist pumps and elbow pumps all round.