• The Red Hot Truth - Petra Williams

Truth Guru tells Why You Can't Speak Your Truth

WARNING: Serious topics discussed below. Not to be read on a full stomach, while shaving or doing makeup.

We've all had those incidences when someone's violated us.

They're overstepped the mark and threatened our personal safety. And even though we're in the right, and what has happened is clearly wrong for us, we remain silent.

It could be your mother undermining you in front of the children. It could be your husband/partner coxing you to have sex even when it isn't right for you. It could be a co-working claiming your work as theirs. 

It is whatever it is for you and what makes you feel unsafe.

And when we don't speak up, we live with that shame and regret which affects the way we respond to our loved ones and see the world.

What stops us from speaking our Red Hot Truth when it matters most?

How can we feel safe enough to speak our Red Hot Truth and how can we create safe environments where others can speak their Red Hot Truth?

These are the huge questions Elly and I cheerfully discuss as two coaches in the 'business of truth' (there's really no need to be drab about it, is there?)

Who is Elly Johnson?

She's Mrs Smith (from the movie Mr and Mrs Smith) who's using her experience as a police officer to help top secret agencies and other plebs (they're not cool enough to mention really) to get the truth out of people (without torturing them).

As an International Keynote speaker, coach and facilitator, Elly is uniquely versed in the subtle art of navigating truth (and deception) in human psychology and behaviour (how fucking cool it that?).

In this Red Hot Truth Interview, we discuss what truth really is, how we can unpack our own Red Hot Truth and how living our Red Hot Truth unleashes the Wonder Woman in us.

Towards the end, Elly revels a secret that she has keep hidden for over 20 years to encourage others to speak up too.

Contact Elly Johnson on her website: https://ellyjohnson.com/


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