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Visualization Superpowers– Pip Mckay

Updated: May 31

Hey Truth Sista

For centuries, we've been denied the right to live our Red Hot Truth by predatory capitalists. 2000 years ago, men in power wanted to privatise the land and enforce western medicine.

What stood in their way were wise women in tune with plant medicine leading the revolt against the take over. In a superstitious world, these men spread the idea of witches and around 9 million women we burned alive at the stake, millions more raped and killed  Propaganda persists today but it's so sophisticated now that we're burning ourselves with feelings of unworthiness, see doubt and isolation.   But the virus has provided us with the opportunity and space to step into our truth and create a new world using our fierce feminine leadership. The problem is that we've forgotten our feminine wisdom and don't know what it was like when women were revered for their wisdom, knowledge and ability to give birth. How can we create something we can't see? The art of creation is a feminine trait. It's messy, playful and imaginative. It gestates in the body and mind until it's ready to be birthed. To create a vision for the new world, we need to embrace these feminine energies. 

Sure, of course, that sounds like just the thing we need to do, now how do we do it again?

Pip McKay is a fierce, feminine woman living her Red Hot Truth with the best hair and laugh in the coaching industry.

At a young age, Pip completed a 22 year apprenticeship in Ancient Western Wisdom and went on to become a pioneer in the field of personal transformation having created the entire fields of Matrix Therapies® and Archetypal Coaching® where she combined ancient western wisdom with Neuro-linguistic programming.

Her mission is to give us the right practical tools to change our lives and have success, love and happiness. She’s has a successful international coaching business of 20 years.

She is also an award winning, best-selling author for two books: The 8 Principles of Achievement, Love and Happiness and 4 Tribes 1 Earth.

As I said, she's one of the best...

In this Red Hot Truth masterclass, using her Process of Creativity, Pip takes my dream of being rich and famous travelling the world speaking to inspire to create a clear vision and demonstrates how to actualise it using feminine and masculine energies.

This is an easy to follow process that you can use for anything you want to create in life.

Topics and times of the Red Hot truth Masterclass:

  • 12:52 – How to Create a Vision

  • 26:13 – Empowering Questions

  • 29:22 – How to use Restrictions to Create Flow

  • 31:25 – Letting go of Past Limited Programming

  • 38:30 – The Consequences of doing work that’s Uninspiring

  • 45:17 – Overcoming the Fear of Acting from the Feminine

  • 50:40 – Becoming Aware of living up to Stereotypes

  • 59:45 – Fermenting the Vision in the Sub-Conscious

  • 01:02 – Have Outrageous Fun Creating the Vision

  • 01:04 – Creating a Structure to Actualise the Vision

  • 01:09 – Does Success take Time?

  • 01:22 – Pip’s Red Hot Truth

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As always, please choose at least one thing from this masterclass to implement into your life right now and let us know how you’ve come closer to your Red Hot Truth doing so.

Your time is Now!

Big Hugs and Sloppy Kisses

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