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Your Comfort Zone is BS - Jacqueline Hofste

Updated: May 22

I googled, 'getting out of my comfort zone' and 241 000 000 results came up.

You see over the last decade or so, the thought leadership has been to Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone to grow, to thrive, to live up to your Red Hot Truth.

But that was so yesterday darlink. Like wearing your cap backwards. Who still does that?

What a few new thought leaders like our guest this week on The Red Hot Truth Talk show, Jacqueline Hofste know is that being in a comfort zone is as unnatural as shampoo is to dread locks.

It's our soul's purpose to grow and expand. That's why our spirits come to this earthly plain, to grow through experience. It's the ego that ties us down with chains of steel.

In this interview, Author and Archetype expert Jacqueline tells us about our four primary archetypes and how we can use them to live our Red Hot Truth.

This is by far one of my favourite interviews to help you live your truth. I truly feel that with the consciousness of the world now being more aware than ever and with the space for feminine leadership being open, it's time for new thought leadership.

This is it.

Watch Jacqueline's first interview with The Red Hot Truth here.

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