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Updated: Aug 25, 2019

Women across the world have deep seeded fears that cripple us and keep us playing small but we have absolutely no experience that justifies us having these fears.

Hello Fabulous Women On Fire.

Do you fear of being raped or sexually assaulted? Do you fear dying alone? Do you fear getting old and becoming invisible to society?

These sub-conscious fears cripple us and keep us small. They influence what we wear, where we hang out, when we feel safe to speak our truth, and our attitude toward men.

I feel confident in saying that if you really reflected on these fears, you'd realise that you have absolutely no reason to feel them. You've probably never had the life experiences that justify the very fears that cripple you.

And the fact that women globally have these fears clearly show us that it's programming. We are living someone else's truth and it's hurting us. And the most concerning thing about this is that we are unconsciously handing these fears down to the next generation. To our daughters, nieces, friends, sisters, neighbours...the very people we want to Live their Red Hot Truth.

It's time to wake up!

At 9, Adelaide Bon was raped in France. Confused and angry, with little help from her parents and authorities, she turned to reading about witches. And she found that our deep seeded fears can be traced back as far (if not farther) to the 14th century where men started the witch hunt to stop powerful women leading the riots against privatisation,

In this interview, you'll learn why you have the fears you do and how to unlearn the programming that cripples you from standing in all your glory and Living Your Red Hot Truth.

My key take away from this interview:

The only truth is the one in this very moment.

You’ll learn:

  • how the language you use powerfully influences the outcomes of your life

  • where the global perception of women stems from

  • what programming is keeping you from your truth

  • how to free yourself from the fears to live your Red Hot Truth

This conversation will stun you when you realise how much of your thoughts, beliefs and programs are not your own.

To find out more about Adelaide's incredible story of courage, buy her book The Little Girl on the Ice Floe.

PS: I met Adélaïde Bon at the Sydney's Writer's Festival and loved her talk on witches so much that I immediately wanted to interview her and share her wisdom with you. We found a spare hour, squashed into her hotel room and just did it. It was great fun!

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(and letting others live theirs)

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