The SHOW ME THE MONEY Challenge is specifically designed for BADASS CONSCIOUS WOMEN running coaching, healing and wellness businesses. on a mission to give Rise to the Feminine.



If you're ready to UNAPOLOGETICALLY own wanting to be RICH, the SHOW ME THE MONEY Challenge is for you.

For far to long we as women have been denied the Red Hot Truth about making BIG money. We've been taught to focus on being of service and that the desire for money is something to be ashamed of. This has kept us small, in our place so the people fucking up this world can continue to reign. Well that shot stops now!

Our Time is Now

The FINANCIAL LITERACY we get is WRONG and keeps us POOR & SMALL

There are billions of books, courses, programs, videos, workshops, and advisors providing us with financially literacy. Isn't it strange then that 95% of the world's population is still poor (of which 75% are women)? The aim of these resources is not to educate, it's to confuse us and make us believe that we need to outsource our financials. The SHOW ME THE MONEY Challenge give you the information that you're been denied to get rich. 

Our Time is Now

Let's do it the FEMININE WAY!

Seriously look at the messages of the financial heroes of our time - Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, Marie Forleo, Gabby Bernstein, Tony Robbins, and so on. It's all about grit, grind, compete, hard work, drive, fighting fear, individualism, and seriousness. That will get you rich at a severe price to your health, relationships and soul. The feminine way is about aligning to your highest, truest version of yourself to become a money magnet. The 'SHOW ME THE MONEY' Challenge helps you do that.

Our Time is Now

Show Me The Money Challenge

The days when you pay THOUSANDS of $$$ to sit in a program for two days, get fired up and return back to your life where nothing changes, ARE OVER. Change starts by doing something different everyday so you can change your habitual thinking and behaviour. That's what this challenge is designed to do. It's dead simple and all it takes is 10 minutes - 1 hour a day (depends how enthusiastic you are). 

Over 31 days, you'll do one thing a day that'll help you positively focus on money. The intention is to start thinking differently about money and to educate yourself on how to grow it into a pile of delicious passive income.


It's fun and light. You can even do it with your girls. The beautiful thing is that it's specifically designed to change your neurological patterns around money without you digging into your past or spending hours focusing on changing negative beliefs.

What You get from the 'Show Me The Money' Challenge

  • A 31 day ACTIVITIES planner specifically designed to help you clear and heal money blockages to align with your BIG financial desires

  • Actual PROCESSES you can do on the FLY. No notebooks, No journals, quick, easy, steps for shift

  • TOOLS to help you Clear, Heal and Align in a way in which gives you CONTROL over your money mindset

  • ANCHORING methods that'll make you a MONEY MAGNET

  • Money Mind Makeover that UPLIFTS you instead of tears you down.

  • FINANCIAL EDUCATION of the rich that no-one tells you and that you can't find in a book or online

  • An EXCITEMENT about making money and doing the things you used to dread doing

  • CONFIDENCE to have conversations around building your net worth

  • FUN, FUN and more FUN!

  • and...




I am putting the final touches on the 'Show Me The Money' Challenge and will send you an exclusive invitation to join. Numbers are limited.

My Story

Hi, I'm Petra Williams, the founder of The Red Hot Truth.

I've always had great aspirations for myself. The thought of settling deflated my happiness balloon like a used condom. Like you, I want to LIVE BIG!


But frankly I was scared.


To live big, I knew I'd actually have to practice what I preached and I was terrified. Actually I'd given it a go before and failed many times, so it was easier just coaching people than actually doing it.

But eventually watching the people I coached thrive while I was still living on the bones of my ass killed me. I started following the traditional advice on how to generate wealth but nothing worked.

That was until I did a similar money challenge to the SHOW ME THE MONEY challenge and I realised that I was missing a huge amount of knowledge around making big $$$ and that I was operating under the lies I've been taught that we keeping me small and poor.

For the first time, I actually implemented what I learned and was excited to be focused on living big and making lots of money. I didn't care if I wobbled, I knew this worked and I knew I now had the knowledge and the confidence to do what it takes to get rich.

I was hungry for more knowledge and so I interviewed successful business women who are financially free and earning millions running coaching, healing and consultancy businesses. It's rare that these women do interviews, but I got them for a whole hour sharing their Red Hot Truth on how they made it BIG. 

I've recently started implementing what I've learned and things are shifting for me. I feel in control of money and have already accumulated $$$ in Financial Freedom Account that I'll use to create passive income. My mindset is focusing on winning instead of not losing, and I'm getting the results from bold decisions. I also now KNOW that I can attract and grow massive abundance, and my RAS is picking up wealth instead of poverty.

After 42 years, I'm loving the responsibility of being the master of my own fate and am finally taking decisive action on becoming rich and famous, a dream I've had since I was a wee girl. I've also personally connected with rich women who aspire to and it feels great to be in their company.

I'm not sure how long or short it'll take to get to my first million. The one thing is for sure, I'll enjoy the ride. Join me on this rollercoster.

Big hugs and sloppy kisses