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Video has become the most commonly

used format in content marketing,

overtaking blogs and infographics.  


Promotional videos and brand

storytelling increase traffic to

your website by 87%

(Hubspot 2020) 


80% of video marketers

claim video has directly

increased sales.

(Wyzowl, 2020) 


The Science of Influence

shows that when others

introduce you, your credibility

skyrockets & you get 20%

more client appointments

& 15% more clients signing

up to your programs.




Are you a healer, consultant or coach TERRIFIED of the camera?

Are you struggling to promote yourself with online videos,

webinars or zoom meetings?

With COVID19, the world out there needs your services as a coach and healer more than ever, but doing online videos & webinars can be scary & outside of your skill set. Like cutting hair, not everyone can do videos well.

Are these things you're concerned about?

  • how do stand out from the tens of thousands of other coaches and healers?

  • how do you know what to say?

  • how do you show your authentic self?

  • how do you promote yourself without seeming conceited?

  • how do you overcome being camera shy?

  • will anyone even think I'm credible?

  • how do you even use the technology?

  • how do you overcome self criticism and feelings of unworthiness?

  • how do you ask for the sale?

  • where and when do you post the videos & webinars

Well be concerned no more!


As a professional speaker and presenter, I've been interviewing people online and in person for 7 years now. I've hosted my own talk show, cooking show, podcast and most recently, I'm helping coaches and healers like you to promote themselves to the online world.


I know what audiences want to hear and I am skilled at bringing out the best in you to give them what they want to hear. At the end of the day, it's all about giving you credibility because the science shows that people are more likely to buy from people they perceive as credible.

So instead of you doing a monologue, I interview you, concisely guiding you through carefully structured questions that answer:

  1. who are you and why should they care?

  2. what problem do you solve?

  3. who do you solve it for?

  4. what's your offering?

  5. how can we make them salivate over your offering?

I'll interview you for recorded and live online videos and webinars for:

  • Facebook

  • YouTube

  • Instagram

  • LinkedIn

  • Zoom, Webinarjam (or any other webinar platform)

  • Your website

  • Paid products

Three of the top comments I hear from the healers and coaches I've worked with are:​

  1. I totally forgot the camera was there

  2. Petra made it all so easy

  3. Wow, that's really great content. Did I say that?

  4. When can I share it?

People need your services as a coach, healer or consultant now more that ever!

Step into the light and be seen!

and get...

  • 20% more client appointments

  • 15% more clients signing up to your programs

  • 87% increased visits to the website

* professional editing services available